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A Man who takes pleasure in listening becomes one day the aural witness of a violent assault. Having until then avoided all contact with his neighbours, the Man must now venture outside of his apartment and face the society which surrounds him.

Director's biofilmo

A writer-director, Kester Dyer holds an MA in Film Studies from University College Dublin in Ireland. He was sponsored by Irish TV Networks TG4 and RTE to direct his first two short films. His first, PADRAIG AGUS NADIA (2002), is a romantic comedy in the Irish language and won first prize at the Galway Film Festival 2002 for "Best First Short Film". His second film, CALL GIRL, a darker tale, was also presented in numerous festivals and received several mentions. Kester also collaborated with two other playwrights in the writing of Threeplay which was presented at the Dublin Fringe Festival in 2003. He recently completed L'ÉCOUTEUR and is presently completing the funding of his next short film titled CAUSE PERDUE, which is scheduled to shoot in September 2007.

  • Pádraig agus Nadia, 16'30'', Shine-on Productions (2002)
  • Call Girl, 16'00'', Duboce Productions (2003)
  • L'Écouteur, 13'30'', Les Productions des Films de l'Autre (2006)

Awards, mentions & festivals

  • Palm Springs int'l Film Festival 2007
  • Gaël Film Festival 2007 (Montréal)
  • Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois 2007 (Montréal)
  • Fantasia Film Festival 2007 (Montréal)
  • Rhode Island int'l Film Festival
  • Palm Springs Film Festival, Los Angeles, 2007
  • Dingle Film Festival 2007 (Irlande)
  • Edmonton int'l Film Festival 2007
  • Method Fest 2008 (USA)
  • Short Shorts Film Festival < Asia 2008 (Japon)


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TypeFIction - drame
Length13 minutes
VersionsFrench, French with English subtitles
DirectorKester Dyer
ActorsEmmanuel Bilodeau, Hélène Florent
ProducerKester Dyer Sylvain Corbeil
ScreenplayKester Dyer
EditorMathieu L. Denis
D.PDaniel Vincelette
MusicMartin Lord Ferguson
ProductionProductions des Films de l'Autre

Financial contributions

Sodec, NFB-ACIC, CALQ, Tax Credit Programs, Télé-Québec
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